How it all began...

Hi and welcome to my website, Thanks for dropping by.

Here’s a bit about my background and how I came to making knives.
I was born and grew up in Sheffield and I’ve had an interest in knives for as long as I can remember! What gave my interest a purpose was when I started hunting at around 13 years old, I started off rabbiting with ferrets and then later got into ratting. Once I got my first terrier I also started to do a bit of foxing as well and I’ve also had lurchers for ferreting and lamping.
As a kid on my trips out I always had a knife in my pocket and over the years I learnt what I wanted from a knife for the various uses while out in the field. Nowadays I go shooting and deer stalking as often as I can and still always have a knife in my pocket!

I don’t know whether it’s me being the stereotypical tight Yorkshireman, but I have always preferred to “make” things rather than buy them, so it was a natural progression to make knives for myself.
I’ve always worked in the steel industry in Sheffield, whether it was melting, metallurgy or heat treatment and this has given me a good understanding of steel and its properties, which paired with my hunting experiences has helped me develop a variety of designs.

I moved from Sheffield to Huddersfield in 2008 and was lucky enough to find a property with a large garage and a good workshop area. In 2012 I designed and made my first proper knife from scratch. Previous to that I was using blanks and re-handling old knives. I started off using 01 tool steel, although I knew that I wanted to move onto something better. I now use stainless steel for all my knives unless specifically asked for a different steel.
Since then I have gone on to designing a variety of models and over a period of time I have refined each model through ongoing development. I have sought feedback from customers and this has allowed me to continue to make changes and enhancements to the designs.
All my knives are 100% handmade and I do everything in-house, from buying flatstock to cutting and shaping the blanks, all the grinding and heat treatment and hardness testing.

One of the most satisfying things about making my knives, is knowing that is it going to be used for years to come for the purpose it was designed for.
These days I have a variety of models for customers to choose from, but I also enjoy making custom one-off designs.